Eroding Value: Why Dirt Matters for Business Leaders and Investors

Healthy soil for growing food, fiber, and feeds is a shrinking global resource facing growing demands on its productivity.  Limited data and tools have been available to understand and remedy soil degradation, but business leaders and investors who are aware of the global soil crisis and recognize the opportunities to restore and maintain healthy soil in their supply chains will be better prepared to succeed in the longer term.

Environmental Productivity: Enhancing Business and Investor Decision-Making

In a resource-constrained world, Environmental Productivity™ (EP) analysis is an essential tool all business leaders and investors should include in their decision-making tool box to enhance returns. This report offers both businesses and investors an outline for how to consider Environmental Productivity™ in their decision making and provides resources for both parties to take the next steps. 

Investors' Ideal Corporate Environmental Data Disclosure

Terra Alpha Investments uses disclosed environmental data as a key, material piece of information in our analysis of a company. We assess a company’s Environmental Productivity™ - the intensity of use of natural resources such as carbon, water, and materials - as part of our process. Our premise is that companies that are more environmentally productive will be the most prepared for - and therefore poised to succeed in - an increasingly resource-constrained world.

Emitting Money: Why Carbon Efficiency Matters for Businesses and Investors

Greenhouse gas emissions, primarily from the use of fossil fuels, are embedded into the very fabric of our economy. The impacts of these emissions pose real threats to our society and our global economy. This report offers both businesses and investors an outline for how to consider greenhouse gas emissions in their decision making and provides resources for both parties to take next steps.




Investing in a Resource-Constrained World: Material Efficiency Analysis can Improve Returns and Reduce Risk

Companies that strategically optimize resource efficiency and recover maximum value from waste streams will be best positioned to outperform in an increasingly resource-constrained world. This report offers an investor case for considering corporate materials and waste factors in the investment process, and provides resources for businesses and investors to take next steps.



Navigating Rough Waters: Businesses & Investors Must Adapt for a Water-Stressed Future

Terra Alpha operates on the premise that Environmental Productivity™ (the efficiency by which companies use and impact natural resources) will enhance business and investors risk-adjusted return. This report focuses on the business case for sustainable water management. It highlights the risks, opportunities, and resources available for businesses and investors to measure and manage them. 





Disclosure Matters: Environmental Data Improves the Investment Decision-Making Process

Terra Alpha advocates for the accounting for and disclosure of relevant environmental data from company operations because we believe it is material to thorough investment research and understanding corporate efficiency. This report is intended to inform investors about the progress, landscape, and accessibility of the environmental data disclosure process. 





Greenhouse Gases - A Primer

A primer on what greenhouse gases are and how they work.