Finley Broaddus was a senior in high school who planned to study Environmental Policy at the College of William & Mary when she was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer in January of 2014.  Her fight with Cholangiocarcinoma ended five months later.

Finley set up Finley's Green Leap Forward on February 26, 2014 to "support local and global efforts that have a positive impact on the environment, moving us forward towards a healthy, sustainable planet."  Finley has moved friends and strangers alike to give back to the environment not only through the Green Leap Forward Fund but also through personal action.

In 2017, Finley's Green Leap Forward Fund made $50,000 in grants (always on Earth Day), bringing the donations to $100,000 since 2014.

Through her fund, Finley has:

  • Put women to work in Kenya to plant trees along waterways
  • Planted trees in urban communities from West Virginia to Washington, DC, and given kids the chance to learn about our water supply
  • Rebuilt the Catalog Choice website, enabling people across the country to save trees by cancelling unwanted catalogs
  • Supported indigenous rainforest communities in Asia and South America to protect critical forests
  • Purchased 40,000 acres of peat forest swamp in Borneo last year, sequestering 29,400,000 Metric tons of CO2, to combat climate change

Finley was a close friend of several members of our team, and for all of us, she serves as an inspiration in our work on a daily basis.


(Note: Terra Alpha Investments LLC's co-founder Tim Dunn and Advisory Board member Ellen Stofan are members of the Green Leap Forward board.)